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Tax Accountant

tax consultant

Tax Accountant

Tax Consulting Services

We pride ourselves in service excellence as your tax accountant, through knowledge of the regulatory compliance requirements which affect your business. Your tax status will change from “RED” (non-compliance) to “GREEN”. We can assure you of that fact. This promise also applies to individual tax status

GREEN = Compliance
RED = Non-compliance
As your tax accountant, we advise you need to be proactive on your tax matters. “Know your tax status” and be “Compliant across all taxes”. Tax compliance means ensuring that all your tax returns are submitted and tax payments are up to date with SARS.

Our basic tax services include:

Calculation, completion and submission of:

  • Employers Tax Return (EMP201)
  • Value Added Tax (VAT201)
  • Individual income tax return (IT12)
  • Organization income tax return – trusts (ITR12T)
  • Organization income tax return – non-profit companies (ITR12IE)
  • ITR14′s (Organization income tax return)
  • Tax clearance applications and certification
  • Dividend withholding tax return
  • Notice of objections

Completion and submission of the following registration forms:

  • Income tax registration (ITC77/IT77/RAV001)
  • PAYE, UIF & SDL registration (EMP101)
  • VAT registrations, including VAT interview on behalf of client (VAT101)
  • DA185 and related forms (Import/Export registration)
  • Tax exemption and section 18A application for non-profit companies

More specialized services include:

  • Completion and submission of Notice of Appeals
  • Application for binding private and class tax rulings
  • Follow up and resolution of tax queries with SARS
  • Consultation on tax saving mechanisms
  • Investigation of and response to SARS audit finding letters
  • Annual financial statement tax calculations reports

For the above and other service inquiries, don't hesitate to drop us call

Call – 021 021 5116 Cell: 078 228 9266

We do everyday routine to SARS by dedicated staff knowledgeable enough to handle your tax issues and bring it to a closure.  ANDISA CA(SA) tax accountant services are tailored to cater for all your worries with SARS. We make sure you do not default on any submissions on month to month basis.  We manage your e-filling account, keeping it up-to date with SARS expectations.