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External or Internal auditors | What is an auditor and why do I need one?


External or Internal auditors | What is an auditor and why do I need one?

When I introduce myself as an auditor to new people it is always interesting to watch the reactions. Reactions usually range from good to bad, but most of the time people will just say ‘wow, so you’re a smart cookie” or something similar and then swiftly move the conversation along.

I can almost guarantee, as well, that if we are at a restaurant or coffee shop I will be the one that the bill is passed to at the end of the night because I am an auditor/ accountant, so I must be good at math.While I’ve kind of become accustomed to these reactions this does indicate an important problem in our society in South Africa, and the world, today.

People don’t really know what an auditor/ accountant is, why we exist and why they actually need us in their businesses. This article aims to shed a bit of light on this topic in order to answer the question: what is an auditor and do I need one?Okay, so first of all, auditors are people too…lol. Okay no. Let me start at the beginning. So in ancient times rich and often noble folk would have money that they would give to certain servants.

internal auditorsThe servants had to perform the task of looking after this money, investing it in something and then reporting on the returns that it is yielding. The servant would then periodically report back to the master on what he has done with the money. The master would listen to this account of what had happened and judge whether or not the servant was telling the truth or not.

The act of listening to this account and then judging whether or not it is true is called “audire” in latin. And this is where auditing started. Fast forward a couple of years and the auditing profession has evolved into a community of professionals who are trained to still do the same thing: listen to management’s account of what happened during a financial year, look at the “accounts” for the year and then judge and give an opinion on whether or not this is true.

And that is all an audit really is. Auditors perform certain procedures, based on enquiry from management, inspecting of supporting documentation, recalculating, reconciling & observing in order to be able to give assurance to third parties regarding the validity, accuracy & completeness of a set of financial statements for a certain year.You can also hire an auditor for more specific tasks.

For example, if a new law has been issued recently (such as the new Sectional Title Management Act & Regulations that became effective in October 2016) and you are worried about complying with this law you could hire an auditor to perform a compliance audit. If you are buying a company and you are not sure whether or not the company is really worth what you’ve agreed to pay for it you can hire an auditor to perform a due diligence audit, which means they will look into the company’s operations and affairs and give you their opinion on the value of the company and the accuracy of the financial statements. Banks and other financial institutions require audited financial statements, because then atleast they have another trained independent professional opinion on which they can rely in order to consider whether their credit is still safe with your business or not. And the list goes on.  Infact, the audit profession was so successful that another stream of auditing has been developed called internal auditing.

Internal auditors

Internal auditors provide basically the same assurance as external auditors, but they are not independent, because they are employed by the entity for which they perform their audit work. They get certain tasks & charters from management and their whole job revolves around checking whether or not the other employees in the organization are doing their jobs. Ofcourse, many people, including me (in the beginning), don’t like being checked up on, reviewed and asked questions in order to point out errors made and areas for development.audit firms cape town

This is why many people have a negative perception of the word “auditor”. They think it is someone that has been hired in order to nail you. A person that has been put on this planet to point out your mistakes, make you look bad and just generally give you a hard time. And I must say, even for me, It is only after my first year in corporate that I started appreciating the value of audit.

These days I ask colleagues to please provide a second opinion, perform a review, do a second calculation on my work. Just in case. I’ve come to value the actions that I once resented. This is because I now understand that these people are not out to get me. They are trying their best to find my mistakes so that SARS isn’t the first to find it! At least if they find it first we can do something to correct the mistakes.

If SARS finds the mistakes first however; that is it – game over. Lol. Same with the bank, same with any other third party that relies on the work that you do. I can sleep better at night, when I know I have some assurance that the work that I’ve done is correct – someone else said so – and that is such a comforting thought.

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Hire an accountant near me with multiple skills


Hire an Accountant near me

Within a comparatively short time South Africa has emerged because the government initiatives to empower black entrepreneurs. Experts are predicting it that in another decade South Africa will


strengthen its position just as one economic super power in entire Africa and also globally. This transition has brought in numerous new dimensions to the economy of the country. Many new industries have been discovered a wealthy soil in South Africa. Chartered account services in South Africa are the sunrise segments that lends vital support to both private as well as the public sector but to hire an accountant near me or  accounting firms near me to choose from and what service to buy has not been an easy excise  for many emerging businesses. Private individuals on the other hand in early stages of adult life is easy to end up in debt. College fees, bonds and raising children can all have a toll for the family finances. Add a job loss on the mounting debt and the future can feel hopeless. But, techniques of managing debt and debtors can be advised from accounting experts. Visiting an accountant near me, a local expert in finance can provide information and help you figure out payment plans.

hire an accountant

get your books handled by an accountant

Hire an accountant with Tax Expertise

A tax accountant near me will likely be the perfect consultant for financial planning, managerial advisory, and litigation consulting. Tax accountants provide a wide array of tax compliance, consulting and planning services to business firms; including corporation and partnerships. They also provide their services to the individuals as well.

If your taxes are quite complicated then it is probably a much better choice to hire an accountant or search for accounting firms near me to accomplish your tax returns so that they can get you the utmost deductions. It is best to be organised when meeting with a professional accountant and write everything down you will want to ask before hand, because they can be quite costly. Some may charge to the amount of time spent with them, yet others may charge an apartment rate, so be sure to check before you make a meeting. ANDISA CASA should offer you Tax Consulting Services, management accounts, business bookkeeping or bookkeeping services at a much more cheap accountants fee. You should also attempt to be as prepared as you can together with your paper work so it cuts their time down along with your costs.

Facts to Know About Outsourcing Professional accounting firms near me

1. You can claim a non-refundable tax credit for public transit passes of at least monthly duration purchased to suit your needs. Eligible transit includes local and commuter buses, Uber, commuter trains and local buses. If you are entitled to claim the finance, make sure to maintain receipts or transit passes themselves on file.

To start off with though professional accountant may help stop you stepping into trouble with SARS tax authorities, because they can proceed through everything ensuring that it is done correctly as clearly this could really keep you from getting into trouble at a later date. They can even be accountable for assisting to to submit the tax documents and also handle any queries that could occur in order that it allows you to feel great knowing it has been dealt with accordingly. So having my accountant near me is very important. I can make numerous trips to their office to sort out my business or personal taxes. You must have the consciousness to keep your accounting records up date. when you hire an accountant or search for accounting firms near me pick an accountant that can handle Tax consulting and your business bookkeeping. in other words this professional accountant should be able to consult on both services.

Accountant near me with dual functionalities

accounting firms near me

how close your accounting firm can be

If that is the case, you’ll need to consult a business similar to this to be of assistance. These financial advisers are experts at their work. No matter how hopeless or confusing your personal specific situation seems, you can find help and cheap too. Big businesses utilise outsource accounting services like the above mentioned tax or management accounts issues when they need help, particularly when it concerns their payroll services for employees. There is nothing more essential than keeping your operation working well and being sure that there won’t be any complications that can arise as a result of financial issues of wrongly prepared annual financial statements. By employing a team of experts to advise you and your company, you will be able to be on target together with your business or personal finances.

You also have to establish whether or not the accountant has relevant experience supplying the services you could possibly require for the size of business you might have, of course, if relevant, inside sector you enter. For instance, an accountant who has worked in the audit department of one in the largest accountancy firms is probably not well placed to advise clients on tax in sme small business owners.

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SME Accounting For Small Business Bookkeeping Best practices


Small Business Accounting Best practices

Businesses owners and entrepreneurs especially if you just starting have many responsibilities and often find oneself wearing many different hats. Whether its designing and developing a product, branding and marketing a service, appointing new staff, client relations and the list can go on, these responsibilities can keep you occupied all day long amongst them the books. Unless accounting is your specialty by profession the thought of Financial Analysis is probably daunting but nevertheless a critical part of the functionality of the business. Neglecting bookkeeping for small business sme accounting as result has a major repercussion, such as losing reports on all the hard work you already invested in the business. We at Andisa CASA understand that wearing so many hats are not easy thus we have prepare this check list of 20 Best Practices on small business accounting to guide you establish sound practice on accounting for small business function.

Start right! Procrastination is a bad habit we all been guilty of at least once in our lives especially things we do not have interest in or we predict to consume too much time we deem could be better spent on thing we enjoy more but Accounting should not be one of those things and should be amongst the things on of your list as high priority.

As mention above Accounting is a critical part of the functionality of a business in order to sustain good company health, maintain profitability and establish room for growth.

2. Time Management

As a business owner or entrepreneur one can easily get side tracked by new ideas that one easily forgets of the important task at hand.

bookkeeping for small business

monthly management accounting for small businesses

It’s important to make a checklist prioritize the task at hand that way you ensure that everything gets done. When it comes to accounting one often needs supporting documents. One should ask questions like do I know where to find it? Is it filed? Do I have soft copies? By doing this you spending your time more effectively and efficiently.

3. Invest in the right Software

In the world we live in today technology has evolved to assist us in making our daily operations much easier including your Accounting functions. It is important to have the right software and accounting program that meets all your needs and potentially add value in some way.

There are varies accounting software on the market tailored to meet the different needs of different companies in different industries and of different sizes, with the different tools and modules, one can tailor it even further to be unique to the business you as an entrepreneur developed. By using the right accounting software, by not just settling for the cheapest one you ensure that your company has the best solutions to problems it potentially will face and ensure that the latest rules and regulations are applied.

Accounting software today has added the extra bonus of minimizing space by offering accounting programs to you that can be accessed online by more than one user at the same time in addition to automatic backups making filing and space a problem of past. With the encrypted codes and networks investing in the right accounting software is the safer than the old school pen and a book, promising accuracy, and sufficiency.

4. Stick to the Budget!

Yes, I know I might sound as I am contradicting myself but cash flow is an important part of the functioning of any business, try the software, for example, yes invest in the best is important but the best that the company can afford is important.

It’s better to try and buy it in installments than everything at once. Buy only what you need. For example, if the company is still small and it is in the delivery business with only 12 drivers there is no need to buy 20 trucks. One can always purchase more when they company grows or sell the smaller trucks for bigger ones when needed.

This way the company reduces the expenses to what is absolutely necessary for the operational activity to take place. And the company is not put under financial strain causing the company to potentially stop production of being able to pay overheads.

5. Rely On Experts

When going to a doctor you are more likely to choose one with more experience and expertise in a particular field so why not do that same with your books get a legal bookkeeper Cape Town or qualified Accountant to assist you with outsource accounting or even better get a Chartered Accountant like us at Andisa CASA. It is better to get it right the first time around to avoid more expenses and/or potential setbacks and delays.

6. You are not your business.

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of not separating personal expenses from business expenses sugar coating it by saying they invested so much time money effort and knowledge into the business but in fact if this is your way of thinking to stop it NOW! You own, direct and represent your business but you are not your business. By mixing personal and professional lives business owners throw away all the hard work they put in and potential profits that the business could be reaping.

Pay yourself some form of income whether it is a salary, wages or some form of repayment even though at some point you might have to invest the money back into the business. This way from an administrative side doing the books will be so much easier and have to provide supporting documents in a case of an audit so much more accurate.

7. Track your expenses a small business accounting best practice

It is important to keep track of any business related expenses, by keeping slips and invoices as mentioned above by keeping business and personal transactions separate because it can potentially benefit you for more efficient Management Account or financial analysis in addition to this it can be beneficially for tax related purposes with SARS.

8. Organisation on sme accounting

It is by law that the accounting for small business records should be kept for at least five years. Having said that, five years can amount to a lot of information not to mention paperwork. Sme accounting is of utmost importance, keeping a good filing system in place both hard copies and soft copies of all invoices, payslips, credit notes etc so that there is always a backup available. As mentioned above, if ever the company or business get audited by entities such as SARS you will be able to provide source documents hassle free.

9. Financial Time

As a business owner, it is important to stay on top of your game. As a business owner, you make decisions on a daily basis that can either affect the business positively or negatively. Accounting is as critical part of the functionality of any business as repeatedly mentioned above and thus you as the business owners should make monthly if not the weekly time to see what is happening in your books, this way it will ensure that the decisions you make are informed ones.

sme accounting

financial analysis, financial statements and tax consulting

You can always get assistant with interpreting Financial analysis from your accountant. Andisa CASA make it part of our monthly retainer to interpret and advice based on the Financial Analysis. Small business accounting services to clients should be like a relationship between accountant and client.  There must be sessions to discuss your performance and profitabilities on month to month bases.

10. Plan Ahead As a business

The end goal is to grow financially and expand the business physically but to get there are many things one need to tick off along the way and the only way to do so is to plan for it. For example, to grow people need to know about your business – for people to know about your business you need to advertise – to advertise you need money and a target group – to target the correct people you need the right platform to get the wanted audience – to get the wanted audience you need to research in other words plan.

11. Jargon accounting for small business

It is important to formalise yourself with accounting terms so that you are aware of what report you are required to provide requesting entities such as credit providers and potential funding organizations. For Example, Financial Statements is a summary of the annual activities and profitability amongst other things in a report format and can be used to determine the solvency, liquidity, and profitability of a company. Our small business accounting or bookkeeping for small business provides extensive annual financial statements that reveals key financial indicators at its simplest terms. SME accounting reports should be very simple. If you are struggling to understand any accounting for small business report don’t hesitate to request for narratives.

12. Payroll Systems on bookkeeping for small business

Payroll is part of most company’s growth because to grow more people is needed to perform the task or produce a product. There are many companies like as at Andisa CASA that can do your payroll for using state of the art payroll systems with the clock in systems making tracking employees hours easier and more accurate saving you time and even banks now have an option where you can pay all your employees with a click of a button.

13. Automated payments and invoices

Get with the times and use the tools and innovations available to you such as recurring invoices being sent out automatically on a certain date or put debit orders in place.

14. Shorten Payment terms

Having a positive cash flow it essential to any business to increase the successful potential rate. Ensure that you keep these credit terms at a minimum or make payment arrangements such as debit orders. There is even an option on some sage programmers where you can link a payment platform on your invoices you send out to clients making retrieving payments hassle free. In addition, it is important to maintain a good client relationship with regular clients ensuring on time payments from them, just try to keep the relationship professional as possible as things get tricky once it gets to a personal level.

15. Maintain Receivable Balances

As mentioned above the market of people preferring to purchase items on credit large so for business purposes it is good to allow these types of transactions, but in doing so in the same breath putting regulations in place such as a deposit fee, credit limits, debt orders for ensuring regular payments and as an extra benefit commission for allowing the credit overdraft and interest and penalties on late payments and credit balances.

16. Recover Receivable

Systematically Ensure that you have a clear communication line between you and your clients this way when you are faced with making an inquiry about an overdue balance you are more liking to get good feedback and arrangement can be made to work effectively. Yes, the overdue money is yours but remember that client relationship is very important as at the end of the day word of mouth is the best form of marketing. Keep an eye on the tone you use when communicating.

17. Record deposits correctly

Ensure to maintain a clear description of every transaction in your small business accounting books. As mentioned previously that sound accounting records are essential to the functionality of any business. Thus when a deposit is being made ensure that the description indicates what the transaction relates to.

18. Delegate responsibility

As I mentioned in the beginning as an entrepreneur and business owner you wear many hats and take on varies responsibilities but at the end of the day we are all human and it is impossible to do everything by oneself. In fact, you are more liking to make a mistake or uninformed decision when one is tired and overworked. Find an accounting firm that understands your need on small business accounting and your determination to grow that you and trust will deliver a service of an exceptional standard. Bookkeeping for small business that not even you could have done better.

19. Do Not Wait for The Due Date

When it comes to taxes it is better to submit as soon as you have the required information available. This way if the business happens to have a liability the business has sufficient time to budget for it and pay it over a period of time instead of depleting the cash flow. In the case of a refund, there is a limited time in which one can submit supporting documents failure to do so means that one may forfeit the potential refund for SARS. We at Andisa CASA assist with Tax Services Cape Town aiding our clients in staying compliant at all times.

20. Figure Out a System to handle accounting for small business

That You Can Scale Lastly it is important to keep in mind that whether you are appointing an Accountant,  Accounting firm or a bookkeeper that handles bookkeeping for small business or accounting for small business, think ahead where you want your company to be in five years and ensure that both your software and your accountant knows what the end goal is and is able to adapt and grow with you as a business. We at Andisa CASA stand and strive for growth not just as an Accounting Firm but for our Clients as part of our Accounting Family.

small business accounting

Let us manage your books today. We engage you on sound business advise and coaching


As Andisa CASA means GROWTH. | Small business accounting

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Outsource Accounting

Benefits of Outsourced Accountants

With the improved technology of the world we live in today, it affects the way we do business and even our day to day activities. We now have access to a pool of vast information and expertise at our fingertips just waiting to aid in ensuring your business operations runs more sound and sufficient. For business, one way to do so is to get an outsource accounting for all  bookkeeping needs,  Annual Financial Statements, Tax submissions, Payroll Services and more.

Bookkeeping is an essential part of any business. It is something that no one really wants to take the out to do but neglecting to do so can lead to serious repercussions with entities such as SARS. Many business owners are under the impression that the best way to ensure that the Accounts are up to date is by hiring an in-house accountant or bookkeeper but that’s not true and here are seven reasons  outsource accounting services is the right choice from us offering accounting services tableview.

Top Seven Advantages of Outsource Accounting

You Get from Outsourcing your Bookkeeping

1. More time. 

Outsourcing your accounting functions frees up time the company can spend expanding the profitability and growth of the business. Having an in-house accountant can be very distracting and can often lead to a conflict of interest.

In addition, an in-house accountant has to adhere to internal processes which at times can delay the turnaround times of reports as most of the time many of the accounting functions depends on one individual – which in the cast of absents no productivity happens. Outsource accounting firms have the capacity to the if one member of the team were to be absent that the productivity does not stop.

2. Saving money.

In-house accountants are costly especially if you need someone with more experience and qualifications. With an outsource based accounting firm get both and more at a fraction of the cost as with an outsource accountant you only pay for what you need – nothing more, nothing less. With our outsourced based accounting firm here at Andisa CASA we have a chartered accountant on our team at no additional cost.

3. Expertise on your side.

Outsource accounting firms offers you more expertise than an in-house accountant spending most of the day in the office.

Outsource accountants makes it a priority to stay on top of new rules and compliances and developing new skills to improve the efficiency to a task or function ensuring that this same knowledge is shared to you as the client. Our team at Andisa CASA each bring their experience combined with more than 40 years and qualification to the table.

4. Focused work staff.

An outsource accountant benefits the company by having more focus as they are not at the office to get distracted by internal affairs. As mentioned above not only does this save time but it also ensures that the staff working the books are more focused and the reports sound.

5. Team staff versus an individual.

By hiring an in-house accountant, the company is optionally robbing themselves from having a team working on its books compare to one person. A team provides more knowledge and expertise and each member adds value to his/her strengths. With a team from an outsource accounting firm the workload is reduced, more people to review and ensure that the reports are accurate and sound.

6. Access to top systems.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping functions opens access to the best tools in the industry that most businesses do not have the budget for. Many businesses just do not have the capacity to stay up to date with the latest upgrades for accounting programs and software nor the changing laws and regulations. When outsourcing this becomes a problem of the past with the bonus of the fact that filing and backups or automatically generated on these newer systems so if ever SARS wants to perform an audit everything is well organized.

7. Scalability options.

Lastly by outsourcing your accounting operations it creates a source a flexibility that can meet the very busy schedule of many business owners today. Whether you’re looking to grow your business or cut down on spending, having a reliable team at your behest, providing you with different plans and options will help you achieve your goals.  Find an Accountant Cape Town that understands your needs and is as determine for you to reach it as we are at Andisa CASA.

Join our accounting family today and start reaping the benefits. Tel: 021 012 5116 | 078 2289 266

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bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping Services Outsourcing The Way Forward

The Way Ahead Bookkeeping For Small Businesses

Whether you run a small sized business or a large scale enterprise, you will require correct, consistent and chronological bookkeeping for small business services to make sure that access to reliable information concern your business is available when you need it. The key every successful business is maintaining appropriate accounting records, which is devoid of inaccuracies, mistakes and is available at a price that is completely affordable. This is precisely why you must seek bookkeeping outsourcing services from reputed and trusted business bookkeeping services firms. By outsourcing your bookkeeping services, you can save both your time and money.

Example of a good renown firm offering bookkeeping for small business services

bookkeeping for small business

we handle your books with clarity

Accounting experts who work for ANDISA CA(SA) and bookkeepers handles and work on your books and accounting records with accurate and apt information or reports that you can access anytime, anywhere. ANDISA CA(SA) offers bookkeeping services with special importance and attention to details to all our customers. We are proficient at handling all your accounting operations so that you as a business owner can concentrate on your important business decisions and customers.  Due to cost factors, small businesses often handle their books on their own and refrain from hiring experienced and competent bookkeepers.

However, they end up committing errors and mistakes in their books and often after incorporating all the calculations, they do not get enough time to check their books all over again. Such firms should search for bookkeeping outsourcing companies and acquire the services of experienced bookkeepers and accountants. They are much more capable of double-checking your books and can offer cost-effective, fast, productive and reliable bookkeeping for small business services.

Accountants will spot errors in your books and also suggest measures and actions rectify them instantly.  Owners and operators of small businesses are of the opinion that bookkeeping is a very simple procedure and usually do not maintain a backup of their books or accounting records. However, if they hire bookkeeping firms, then they will not require a backup at all.

When they encounter a computer or technical problem, they can approach their respective bookkeeping outsourcing firm and recover their data within no time. Companies that offer bookkeeping outsourcing services for small to mid-size businesses assures all clients of reconciling their books on a monthly basis. They will check bank statements regularly and update your books accordingly so that you don’t have to worry about maintaining your books regularly.

This service is great for establishments that do not have ample time for reconciling their books periodically. The hiring bookkeeping service provider will also ensure that no wrong entries are posted in your books at all. Bookkeeping outsourcing companies can provide you with accounting and bookkeeping experts who specialize in offering different types of bookkeeping services including reconciling credit card and bank statements, handling and keeping a tracked records of accounts receivables and accounts payable, maintaining ledger account etc.

ANDISA CA(SA) records all your transactions and expenses as per their specific categories so that no wrong entries are filed in your books and no miscalculations take place at all. This also guarantees that anytime you have to file your tax returns and reports, the data is readily available to you. Therefore, if you wish to focus on your core competencies, customers, and business at large, then get access to an Accurate Bookkeeping Outsourcing services today!

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Benefits of Hiring Certified Accountants

The Benefits of Hiring Certified Accountants

A business won’t succeed as a consequence of doing everything you know best. There are fundamental areas that want expert intervention, for example, keeping books and balancing accounts (Weekly or Monthly management account). This is a job many choose to leave to accountants and bookkeepers. If you are looking for cheaper professionals, find an accountant or online outsourced accounting can be your best solution. It will put an end to difficult and costly employee affairs like paid leaves, overtime and health care insurance.

Find an accountant

accounting service

benefit of hiring an accountant

Outsourcing allows businesses to acquire services from outsiders who own offices. They normally supply financial advice and excellent clerical results at discounted prices. Accounting outsourcing companies also have the very best accounting solutions for your business bookkeeping in whatever industry you participate in. These solutions are time-tested and which can deliver accomplishment for countless enterprises.

The biggest mistake you may make is usually to squander limited working capital your organisation has. You should not hurry to fight your competition with all the little finances you have available as the newest organisation If you’re confident in managing your personal business accounts, this could possibly be that you’d rather just employ a CA (SA) to do your end of month or year tax or VAT returns etc. However, for many individuals in operation, there is a multitude of questions that sprout all through the year that they can’t satisfactorily handle their monthly management accounting  themselves.

This is where professional accountants with unique skill’s come in – by paying them because of this monthly or yearly service, capitalising on their accounting expertise when you require it. If you choose to not start using these accounting services, but however, you require the assistance of a CA, you’ll turn out paying for every consultation that you need – taken individually, the price soon adds up.  An outsourced company already has several pros who knows how to use the several different accounting software at no additional cost on your side. What’s more, you get to choose when you wish to contract out and if you want to do the job personally.

After ending a contract by having an independent outsourcing company, you’ll be able to decide not to form another contract. On the contrary, keeping an office building employee denies you the pleasure of failing any monthly wages whether your customers are bringing in enough business or not.  It is, therefore, convenient and cheaper to outsource accounting rather than do the work yourself. In addition, if you assign a task to your remote contractor, you can free your workplace space by dismissing redundant staff.

It’s your hard earned money – Since it is your cash you could be doing other things with it as an alternative to it being tied up with an in-house accounting staff. You could use it for more important things such as, gaining you more interest on the bank’s saving account, You could be using the extra cash to increase a retirement fund, or saving it for a rainy day. You could also use it to get a vacation or home remodel or pay towards a credit card. Whatever it is you utilize it for it’s your.

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tax consultant


tax consultant

sars submissions

SARS has introduced a new mechanism allowing aggrieved persons the opportunity to lodge complaints with or without the help of tax consultants. The new mechanism, known as the Complaints Management Office (CMO), replaces the previous SARS Service Monitoring Office (SSMO) and has made it possible for taxpayers to lodge a wider scope of complaints while also increasing the avenues through which those complaints may be lodged.

The following are examples of issues taxpayers may wish to raise with the CMO: rude SARS staff, lost supporting documents, refunds taking too long to be paid, or SARS taking too long to respond to a query. The complaints may be lodged at the nearest SARS branch, by telephonically contacting the CMO at 0860 12 12 16, or via e-filing. With regard to the latter, SARS has designed a Guide which will give taxpayers simple step-by-step guidance on how to send a complaint. More detailed information pertaining to the CMO may be found on the SARS website.


Source: SAICA Magazine

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