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External Audit | Internal Audits Services

internal audit

External Audit and Internal Audit Services

Audit Services

External Audit, Internal Audit Services

We offer private sector External Audit Services to entities required to be audited per the companies act no 71 of 2008, the financial services board, The Estate Agency Affairs Board and the Sectional Titles Act. We also offer external audit services to those companies and entities that voluntarily require

external audit

Andisa CA(SA) offers external auditing services to business in the cape town metropolis

an audit of their financial statements in order to obtain additional assurance regarding the validity, accuracy and completeness of their financial statements as well as entities which have to provide audited financial statements in order to procure funding for their business.

Audit Firm | Assurance

Similarly to the above we also offer Internal Audit Services to entities that are preparing to be audited. This option is popular amongst clients that are being audited for the first time, or that can’t afford to have a financial manager around throughout the financial year.

Andisa CA(SA) audit firm are then hired to whip the accounting records & files into shape so that unnecessary time & money isn’t wasted on audit services fee. It is also popular amongst entities where the financial department/ management are simply too busy to answer audit questions etc. themselves.

Audit firm Staff. We invest an incredible amount of money & time in our staff to make sure that they are well trained, skilled and well-spoken. Our audit services staff are well trained and incredibly efficient on each and every single audit that they work on. If you have an upcoming audit for which you don’t have enough human resources give us a call and we’ll outsource some of our audit services staff to you at an affordable

audit firm

Andisa CA(SA) Audit Firm get you compliant on all audit services at cost effective prices


Audit Methodology Experts. Need technical advice on anything audit related services? Our partners have many years’ experience in both theoretical, technical and practical auditing and whether you just have a quick question, need a second opinion or require in depth training on a certain topic, we can definitely assist you.

Public sector audit Services

Our staff are trained in the AG(SA) audit methodology, software & procedures. We can assist on any public sector audit as required. We are also a 100% black female owned company so doing business with us will have a positive impact on your BBB-EE Scorecard.

Reasonable Billing on Auditing Services

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